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Free Digital Love Letter Maker

2 minute read · Apr 12, 2024

Free Digital Love Letter Maker

Verse is a free app that allows you to create personalized digital love letters, love notes, digital cards, digital scrapbooks and more. You can easily create a heartfelt message that incorporates your own photos, notes, songs, and more. Choose from a collection of templates or start from scratch using the app’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor for the ultimate customization experience. When you’re done you can share it as a mini website you can keep forever!

See real mini sites people are making on Verse to get inspired.

How to Create a Love Letter on Verse

Step 1: Launch Verse

Download Verse from the App Store, open the app, and sign up for an account to get started.

Step 2: Choose a Template

From the home tab, navigate to the "Sending Love" template category and find the perfect template for your love letter. Browse a collection of pre-made love letter templates, including themes ranging from a mixtape to a handwritten note with photos and select one that fits your vibe.

Step 3: Customize Your Love Letter

Once you've chosen a template, use the guide to upload photos of you and your loved one, and add notes to make them feel loved. You can customize further by adding more personalized memories, images, videos, and cute fonts. Use our Verse’s drag-and-drop editor to perfect the layout of your digital love note. To make it extra special, add a theme song that automatically plays when they open the verse.

Step 4: Share Your Verse

Publish your creation on Verse to convert it into a dynamic, interactive mini-site. Share the link to your personalized love letter website directly with your lover and watch their reaction!


What can I make on Verse?

Verse is your canvas for creating mini websites. Make collages, mood boards, greeting cards, and more, all through our free editor. We also have free templates for almost everything to make it easy for you to get started.

What is a mini site?

Anything you design in Verse can be shared as a personalized, interactive website accessible on any device, no app required.

What templates do you have?

We have tons of templates for any occasion from digital cards, love letters, photo dumps, tier lists to mixtapes, personal about me pages and event flyers. Any template is also fully customizable. Add as much of your personal style as you want. Don’t see a template you’d like? Get started with our free editor or DM @verse on Instagram to submit an idea or create a template for us!

What AI features do you have?

Supercharge your verses with our blazing fast AI tools. You can generate text (try poems, song lyrics, recipes and more) and images (backgrounds, stickers, photos) in seconds. Download the app to try it out for free.