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Tips for Creating a Great Verse

2 minute read · Apr 12, 2024

Tips for creating a great verse

Are you ready to level up your verse creation skills? Follow these tips to make your verse that much more engaging and impress everyone you send them to.

1. Start with a template

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get started making a verse, choose from several template categories, fill in the information requested, and select one of the verses generated for you. For more information, read this article on how to use templates.

2. Add a theme song

In the bottom right corner of the editor, tap the dashed circle with a music note icon to select a theme song for your Verse. Including theme songs significantly enhances the immersive experience of your verse.

3. Tell a story

Whether it’s through a specific theme, aesthetic, or content, telling a story with your verse will make it more engaging. What did you do today that stuck out to you? Has there been a song that resonated with you recently? Is there some one you would like to send a message to? Here are some examples of telling a story through a verse:

4. Personalize with your own music

Connect to music streaming services to add your own songs to your verses. Tap the music option in the toolbar, and then go to ‘Your Playlists’ or ‘Your Top Tracks’ and tap the button that allows you to connect to music streaming services. Verse currently supports Spotify and Apple Music.

5. Put a verse inside a verse

One of the most powerful features of verse is how you can embed verses within your verse. Instead of cramming a bunch of content into one verse, try making separate verses and linking them together to tell a cohesive story. Here are some examples of putting a verse inside another verse.

6. Get creative

Verses are an expression of your creativity, so make it feel like you! Your unique voice and perspective isn’t shared with anyone else. The more heartfelt, the better. To get inspiration, visit our explore page